Standley Lake Boosters is Offering $10,000 in Grant Funding to Standley Lake High School Community

Thanks to long-term fundraising efforts by Standley Lake Boosters, we are excited to offer ideally matching grants to the Standley Lake HS community. All Standley Lake HS activities, clubs, athletic teams, and faculty are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 in grant funding. Funds can be used for equipment, programming, training, or any other project that benefits Standley Lake HS students and community. This funding is limited and will be awarded based on need and impact. The funds come from a multi-year effort with the Standley Lake Boosters Bingo team. Thanks! 


Grant application:


Deadline: extended past October 30th, 2020.


Update: we have received requests but still have ~$1840 left for grants. Please apply for these grants!

Any questions, contact me at